Homeopathic Medicine Explained

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is considered to be a form of alternative medicine. However, this type of medicine has been around for over 200 years, almost as long as what we know as traditional medicine. This form of medicine involves treating patients with highly diluted substances that are then normally manufactured into pill or liquid form. In some cases the substances are diluted thousands upon thousands of times.

Homeopathy is basically the study and use of homeopathic medicines and those who practice homeopathy are called Homeopaths. Homeopathic remedies are based on the theory that “Like treats like” meaning that if you have a patient that is vomiting uncontrollably, you can treat that patient by giving them a diluted dose of a plant or other substance that would normally induce vomiting if given in a large quantity. You need to keep in mind that the homeopathy substance however has been diluted many, many times often thousands of times, so that only the “essence” of the substance is used and not the substance itself.

How are Homeopathy Remedies Made?

To better understand Homeopathic remedies themselves, you need to have a basic understanding how homeopathic remedies are made. These remedies are made using very strict guidelines that have been in effect for many years.

The remedies start with the homeopath choosing a plant or other natural substance, placing it in water or an alcohol solution and allowing it to set usually in a dark place for a certain specified amount of time. Once this period has passed, the substance itself is removed (unless it completely dissolves) and a liquid known as the mother tincture is left. The mixture is then vigorously shaken with impact, (called succussion) and one drop of this liquid is then placed in a vial and 9 drops of alcohol or still water is added. The mixture is then succussed again and diluted again the tincture reaches the desired dilution.

The solution is then converted to pill or kept in it’s likquid form and used to treat whatever disease the tincture was made for. There are a number of homeopathic doctors practicing all over the world today and thousands upon thousands of people who swear by homeopathic remedies.

Are Homeopathic Remedies Safe and Effective?

While there is some dispute among those favoring traditional medicine whether or not homeopathic medicine is effective, almost everyone agrees that these medicines are safe. In fact, one of the arguments against the effectiveness of this type of medicine is that the initial substance is so diluted that it no longer has the properties necessary to have any effect on the body or any medical condition. Ironically, while traditional doctors decry the use of homeopathy, they use similar versions of this type of medicine in treating various conditions.

For example, traditional medicine uses the theory of like treating like, in the treatments of ADHD. Ritalin and other prescription drugs used for the treatment of this condition, causes extreme hyperactivity, and an inability to focus in healthy people who take this drug. These are the symptoms that ADHD patients are being treated for.

In the case of vaccinations, traditional medicine uses a small dose of a disease to help prevent a person from catching the full blown disease.

The truth of the matter is there are thousands of people each year that turn to homeopathic medicines to help treat a number of different conditions and a large percentage of these people find this type of medicine to be effective in helping them to regain their health.


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  1. ashokbhatia said,

    October 11, 2013 at 8:26 am

    Yes, this stream of alternative medicine offers effective treatment with minimal side effects. Much however depends on the practitioner’s experience and perspective.

    Allow me to share one of my posts with you:

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