Writing Betwixters


As you all know, writing a good book is extremely difficult. It takes years of planning, writing, editing, and editing again. The book gets reviewed by harsh critics who’s primary goal seems to be to make you cry, and then even more edits need to be made. When the final product is finally ready, it seems surreal. As I sent the completed manuscript of Betwixters to Arleen, the Director of Operations at Winterwolf Press, I thought to myself, “You mean all that time in front of the computer and getting my “baby” ripped apart is finally over? It’s finally ready to be released into the world? WOW!” I was awestruck. I didn’t know what to do with myself, and wandered aimlessly around my house for a day. Surely I needed to tweak a little more here, a little more there. The more I paced, the more I realized my accomplishment.

Well, the day is finally here where I get to share my “baby” with you! This book has my sweat and tears, my hopes and dreams, and my trust and faith poured into it. When you read it, I hope you are able to find the subtle truths that lie behind the story.
-How do trees communicate?
-How do our pets feel about us?
-What is our role in helping the earth?
-How important is it for us to be aware of our perspectives?

All these concepts are weaved into the storyline of Betwixters: Once Upon a Time, and the information hidden within,(underneath the adventure) is based on years of study, meditation, exploration, contemplation, and introspection.

Ok…so now to the fun stuff. Would you like explore my universe and energetic theories with me? Would you like to join me on an adventure of magic, mystery, and fun for an incredibly low price? Well, now you can!

Betwixters: Once Upon a Time is now on Sale for more than 1/2 off!

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DAZ 3D Fix for Characters Deformed When Loading into Scene 2017

I opened my Daz 3D program today to find out that all my figures were somehow morphed and disfigured.  I looked on many forums and kept getting the same answers. They told me to go to the figure and fix all the parameters that were not set to zero. Well, as you can guess, that would have taken FOREVER! So I played around and found an easier fix. By following these steps, you will make changes to the base figure, and all other characters should now work because your base models are no longer messed up.



Step 1:  Go to your Content Library tab and locate the base figure.  For instance, you can see in the below picture that I have moused over “People>Genesis 3 Female”   (What you should NOT do is go to the characters folder.  That does not contain the base figure)


Step 2: Load the figure into the scene


Step 3: We need to Zero the figure shape.  To do this, go to “Edit>Figure>Zero>Zero Figure Shape.”  I wish I could tell you that the job is finished, but not quite.


Step 4: Next you need to set all default parameters to Zero.  This is the part that takes the longest.  To do this, go to your Parameters tab.

Step 5: Click on the figure (In my case it’s “Genesis 3 Female”  (See picture in step 6 to see what I mean.  Look at the yellow selection on the right)

Step 6: Scroll through the parameters and look for the bolded numbers that say “0.0%”


Step 7: Press the gear icon on the top right of the setting and Select “Parameter Settings”


Step 8: Change the default settings to ZERO.


Step 9: Click Apply (or press Enter)


Step 10: Do this for ALL the bold 0.0% numbers that you find in the parameters list.  (When you change the default, they will not be bold anymore, which means you’re doing it right)


Step 11: I like to scroll through the list one more time to make sure I didn’t miss any bolded percent signs

Step 12: Go to “File>Save As>Support Asset>Save Modified Assets”



Step 13: Push Accept  (A list of all your changes will be in the box for you to see)


Step 14: Just to make sure I have a clean figure, I like to add a couple more steps by repeating steps 1, 2, and 3.  If I don’t see any changes in the figure, then I know I’m good.


I hope this helps!


If you have other advice, please comment. As I said, I looked on many forums and couldn’t find an answer that worked with more than one figure until I tried this out.


I need your help! Book Cover Idea

Betwixters Front Cover Idea 2


As many of you know, I will be releasing my first book in The Betwixters Series soon, and am now in the process of designing my book cover. This is one idea I came up with and will be exploring more in the near future. In the meantime, please tell me what you think! I need all the feedback and constructive criticism I can get!



Where Fantasy Lives



Once upon a time, the world was enchanted. Her caretakers were magical beings who worked side-by-side with humans to create harmony and balance for the earth to grow and thrive. But then something went disastrously wrong, and humans were banished from the enchanted realms forever . . . or so we thought.

This fall, I will release the first book of my new series in which magic is restored to our ordinary, mundane world. Those feelings of awe and wonder that we’ve allowed to fade from our lives will be recaptured as we journey along side my three protagonists into unbelievable and captivating adventures. Feel the shock and bewilderment when Noah, Skye and Ethan find Neevya (the faerie you met in Grum’s Tales) in a haunted forest where the Darkness has awakened. Experience elation and joy as we learn just how real magic is. But not all is fun and games. The heroes will find themselves in a race against time to help Neevya return to her realm, while discovering themselves and their own magic within.

Between now and the release date, I will post updates about the novel. I also plan to include some short stories, and although many of them will take place in the same mystical realms that will be explored in the novel, they will not interfere with the main storyline.

I invite you to join me on this journey and allow the enchantment to unfold and the magic to take hold within your lives.

As Ol’ Grum would say, “Best to click that blasted follow button so you can take time for a good sit down and a nap without missing out.”

Short Stories


There have been quite a few changes happening over the past few months, and I’m writing to let you know what to expect in 2016. Before I get into the details, however, I’d like to take the belated opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year! I hope your new year has gotten off to a prosperous and healthy start!

As for me, I’ve been diligently writing a new series called The Mythic Realms.  It’s my hope to release the first book in September of 2016.  Additionally, I have been writing short stories to give you some adventures to read during the wait. Some of the short stories will take place in the same worlds and with the same characters you will meet in The Mythic Realm series, while others will have no relation.  I plan to release the short stories in sections so that you can quickly read them without having to worry about interrupting your day.

On a related note, I am working on some other interesting projects that I will let you know about as they become more developed. I also plan to compete in ballroom dancing with my husband, Louis Bar, this year. It is my goal to keep you updated at least once a week with either a short story or other blog posts…including what happens behind the scenes in ballroom dancing (which can be pretty unbelievable).


Wishing you joy, peace, understanding, and prosperity!