The Eye of the World: Book Review by Laura C. Cantu -The Wheel of Time


The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan is the first book in the Wheel of Time series.  I found myself being enchanted when I started reading this book. I felt as if I were immersed in an old world full of innkeepers, farmers, smithies, and maidens.  Robert Jordan does a fantastic job of creating vivid and authentic scenes.  Likewise, I immediately fell in love with the main characters, and each page made me want to read more and more.  The antagonistic characters are also “likeable” in their own ways…by that I mean that they play their roles perfectly. You don’t have some kind of wimpy monster chasing around four kids for nothing.

Perhaps my favorite thing about this book is how the characters evolve. In fact, by the end, I am not sure if the main characters could even recognize themselves. That said, I’ve gone on to read many of the other books in this series. (I’m currently on book 10).  By book 10, the young and innocent characters are definitely no more.

On that note, I think it prudent to give you a slight warning.

Although I believe this story and series to be mostly good, I also think a few books could have been cut out of the series with some prudent editing.  I found myself getting bored by book 7. Sure, there are some interesting things that happen that move the story along, but for me, there is too much information. Why should I care what a small and insignificant character thinks? Why should I read an entire chapter dedicated to a character I barely know and will not see much in the future?  Also, as much as I liked the descriptive charm in the first book, I can only take so much. By book 10, I think I know the world a little better than in book 1, so I don’t see a need for paragraphs committed to such detail. I mean, sometimes it’s nice to know that the lace has weaves of gold that create star-like patterns, but at this point, I’m more interested in learning what happens to the main characters.

This series has gotten so slow for me, in fact, that the only reason I continue to read it is because my friends insist that it gets better. Also, I really do want to know what happens at the end. By now, I’ve invested lots of time into these characters, it would be a shame to drop them, despite the trudging pace.

Therefore, be warned.  If you love incredibly long series with lots of detail…(information out the wazoo about every single little thing happening within a kingdom or world)…then this series is for you.  If you’re not too interested in weeding through side plots, descriptive detail, and unnecessary conversations, then I suggest you move on.

Regardless of how the rest of the series progresses, this first book, The Eye of the World, was entertaining, interesting, and in my opinion…good.  It was probably my favorite in the series…but I’m not sure if it will remain that way once I read the last book.



Inheritance (The Inheritance Cycle, #4) by Christopher Paolini

This is a short, to the point book of Inheritance (The Inheritance Cycle, Book 4)  by Christopher Paolini

Of all the books, this one is probably my least favorite. The ending was not as I had hoped. However, I understand why Paolini ended it the way he did. There were a few characters I had hoped to learn more about, Angela and Eragon’s mother in particular. Some of my curiosities were satisfied, and others were not. Overall, the series was entertaining and enjoyable. I may read it again someday.

Brisingr (The Inheritance Cycle, #3) by Christopher Paolini

My book review of Book Review: Brisingr (The Inheritance Cycle, #3)  by Christopher Paolini …

…And he did it again! So often, when reading a series, a certain book will stand out as better than the rest. For Christopher Paolini’s “Inheritance” series, however, I find it difficult to choose. Each book, including this one, has its own charm. I find it fascinating how the characters have developed and changed so completely that if I had only met them during this third book, I may not have recognized them when going back to read first book. Of course, this is a must read if you’ve enjoyed the first 2 books.

Xandria Drake: Ancient Rising by Laura C. Cantu reviewed by Hugh N. Flowerree

I checked my inbox today and found a most welcomed email from my publisher: Serendipity Digital Media KC. The email informed me that a gentleman tried to post a review of my book on Amazon, and Amazon removed it.  So I am posting the review here for you all to see.

Xandria Drake…Ancient RisingNever in my life have I been able to state that I have been completely overwhelmed by a book that falls into the category of fantasy or science-fiction. I usually do not like or read this style, but a friend recommended it and I am glad I read it.I first purchased the book as parts. Beginning with chapter 1, Part 1, I began to become mesmerised as the characters and the storyline developed. Ancient Rising quickly became, for me, one of those reads that is, “I can’t put this down right now!”  I found myself trying to anticipate what was going to happen next. Each time a new twist or turn would be presented or a new character would be introduced and I found myself involved in something that totally took me by surprise.I expeditiously went through Part 1 through Part 4 with each part leaving me begging for more.  I then purchased a complete volume so that I could always have it in my library of works.Is this book really fantasy?  After reading Ancient Rising, you will ask yourself, “What did I just experience?” Did the author put a dream into words that leaves me speechless? In some fashion did this really occur?  Why am I thinking these things?This is definitely a best seller!  I believe it will become a great screenplay, and then a fantastic movie.Out of five stars, I give it ten!  Yes, it’s just that good.
Hugh N. Flowerree

The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophecies by David Wilcock

This is a short review…just to give you an idea of my thoughts.

I loved this book! The information in this book questions how the world works, and offers an understanding that seems impossible and even magical. It speculates that there is more out there than we, as a whole, dare to dream! Even if not all of it is true, it makes you think. Yay for David Wilcock!

The Drayton Chronicles by Tony Bertauski

Another short review:

I like the idea of this book. However, I found it difficult to care about the main character. Once I got into a the story, I started to like the cast, then the story would end. Since I didn’t really like the main character, I found it difficult to continue to the next story. Also, there were times in which I found the writing confusing. I had to go back several times and read a few paragraphs more than once, only to put the pieces together later.

Overall, I loved the creativity, and some of the characters were intriguing.

The Book of Secrets: Unlocking the Hidden Dimensions of Your Life by Deepak Chopra


This is one amazing book! Of all of the books I’ve read by Deepak Chopra, this one is by far my favorite. The ideas he presents in this book are easy to understand, and the exercises are poignant and doable. In many of his other works, I’ve found it difficult to implement his ideas in a practical manner. That’s not the case for this one! It’s packed with important information and can be read over and over. I definitely recommend this book!

The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games #1) by Suzanne Collins

I enjoyed the author’s descriptions and ability to hold my attention. I thought the suspense and characters were well developed and entertaining. Through parts of the story, I found myself reminded of the book, Clan of the Cave Bear, and the television show, Sliders. It was interesting to see the similarities and also the differences between the stories.

Healing With Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition by Paul Pitchford

Healing With Whole Foods is an encyclopedia of useful information. Learn which foods will treat your particular disease or discomfort. Learn how foods affect you and why you should consume or avoid certain veggies, spices, or meats. This book has it all! It also explains the properties of foods, and touches on the philosophies behind planning a balanced meal. Of all the books in my library, Healing with Whole Foods is one of the most useful. I actually have 2 copies and gave it out for Christmas to my family members!  If you want to become more empowered and learn how to take control of your health, get this book! I highly recommend it!

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

I typically enjoy fantasy, science fiction, and anything that makes my imagination soar. To my surprise, this book captivated me! I found myself enthralled by the language, the characters, and the plot. The Count is sexy, mysterious, powerful, and all the things women adore. I would dare to guess that men will find him admirable as well, but since I’m not a man, I cannot proclaim this to be true. Also, the way the Count speaks resonates in my mind. I automatically find my vocabulary expanding and my thoughts becoming more “proper.” LOL! I mean, look at the sentence above. I felt completely normal saying, “I cannot proclaim this to be true.” hahaha! Who talks like that in this day and age? I’ll tell you…people who read this book! I highly recommend it!

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