Disclaimers & Notices


This is my personal blog and is meant to be used for my personal expression. I do not represent the views of anyone other than myself. I cannot promise that everything I say will be true or accurate. I take no responsibility for you in any way. If you decide to read my blog, you read at your own risk. The same goes for any guest blogger I decide to host on my blog.

I do not blog on behalf of anyone other than myself, and I do not receive compensation for my posts. I simply blog about things that interest me, and things I think you might find interesting as well. The information contained in my posts, or anywhere in this blog should not be used as advice. As I said before…



If it’s written within the pages of my blog, it belongs to me. You are not allowed to copy, change, display, or redistribute any of the contents of this blog. This blog is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws.

If you would like to share anything posted from this blog, you may use an excerpt that is less than 150 words. The excerpt must be linked back to the original post and must have author credits.


I reserve the right to accept or decline any comments made by anyone.


Credit: This medical disclaimer was created using a Contractology template available at http://www.freenetlaw.com.

No advice: This website contains general information about medical conditions and treatments.  The information is not advice, and should not be treated as such.

Limitation of warranties: The medical information on this website is provided “as is” without any representations or warranties, express or implied.  Laura Cantu makes no representations or warranties in relation to the medical information on this website.

Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing paragraph, Laura Cantu does not warrant that:

l  the medical information on this website will be constantly available, or available at all; or

l  the medical information on this website is complete, true, accurate, up-to-date, or non-misleading.

Professional assistance: You must not rely on the information on this website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

If you have any specific questions about any medical matter you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition you should seek immediate medical attention.

You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice, or discontinue medical treatment because of information on this website.

Liability: Nothing in this medical disclaimer will limit any of our liabilities in any way that is not permitted under applicable law, or exclude any of our liabilities that may not be excluded under applicable law.

There, I think that covers it. 🙂

If you decide to stay, I hope you enjoy!

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